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This is a picture, as you can see, of students in classroom, all with their hands raised.  This picture is important for  few reasons. One, notice how all the children have their hands raised. The teacher in this case has done a wonderful job of teaching the students not to call out.  Also, it seems as if all of the students know the answers. 

I liked this picture.  I like that the children look happy and excited to learn!


This link would be good to glance at before you write an assessment.  I think that it is good to keep all of the things this page talks about in mind.  I think that sometimes teachers miss the point of the exam- it’s to see what your students have learned. It’s not stump the students!

I thought it was neat.  Take a look at it!

Education Quotes


This website is more or less a list of education quotes.  They are just something teachers should keep in mind. Some are more joyful, while others a negative. There are plenty of each; look through them!  You may find one you like!


This website talks about things to expect when being a teacher. It talks about ‘some teacher things’ and it talks about your responsibilites and roles as a teacher. One of the things that stuck out to me was this, though you may only work 180 days a year, you dont always end your day at 5, or when the bell rings.

Interesting page!  I think you’ll enjoy it!